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Tips For Making a Good LinkedIn Profile

6 Tips For Making Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

Tips For Making a Good LinkedIn Profile
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LinkedIn might seem like a more professional version of Facebook — which, in a way, it is — but it's also much more than that. A means of networking with others in your field, finding jobs, hiring, connecting with fellow school alum, and hobnobbing with higher-ups, LinkedIn can be a vital tool in helping professionals land the job they want.

I've had a LinkedIn account since my very last year of college, which means I've been on the site for more than a decade. As my professional status has changed over the years, so too has my LinkedIn profile. I've been on it as a recent college grad, an intern, a young professional in need of a job, a freelancer, a newly hired editor, and now as the owner of my own business. I've climbed up the ranks and my changing profile on LinkedIn reflects that.

Of course, not everyone is going to be using LinkedIn for the same reasons, but it's likely we all have the same goal with it: to get noticed in order to advance our careers. As my profile has changed over the years, I've learned a thing or two about standing out on the site. It's wild when I think that when I first started using LinkedIn, I was a young college graduate with absolutely no professional experience. But I've met so many influential people through it that have helped land me gigs and assignments, served as references, or given me insider tips.

Whatever your motive for using LinkedIn, there's a lot of potential to be gained. Here are six tips I've learned on how to make your LinkedIn profile truly stand out and get the results you desire.

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