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Tweets About British Holidays

A Classic British Holiday, as Told by Twitter

Is there anything better than a Brit on holiday? Flying hundreds of miles to complain about how hot it is, spending the day trying to find an English or Irish pub, and constantly comparing the weather on holiday and at home. You could say we're quite distinct travellers as a nation! Even if you're a more adventurous British holidaymaker, opting to skip the hunt for a proper fried breakfast, I bet you'll have said to someone "can I come in your suitcase" more than once?

Keep reading to see tweets that will have you shouting "so true!"

Why do crisps always taste better on holiday?

Budgeting for booze always comes first.

We're obsessed with our tan lines.

Whatever the weather, we'll find a way to complain about it.

Alcohol is acceptable at any time of day.

Really though, it warms up when you get going.

"Have a lovely holiday, bring the sunny weather back with you."

We just can't hack the heat.

It's inevitable.


Image Source: The Great British Bake Off

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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