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Viral Math Textbook Cover

This Maths Textbook Cover Will Make Your Head Explode

It isn't just maths problems confusing the internet — now it's actual maths textbooks. This College Prep Algebra textbook, specifically, is about to send you into a spiraling dark hole of confusion. It all began with this tweet on Friday:

What is this sorcery?

Obviously, it's time travel.

OR Photoshop. (But probably time travel.)

OK fine, it's actually Photoshop. This cover inception was first uncovered on Reddit two years ago, and an internet sleuth found the original stock photo used for the cover. And if you REALLY want to go down the rabbit hole, here's one of the models posing with the book cover of himself on the book cover:

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Mystery solved. Or is it . . .

Image Source: MGM

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