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This Batman-Themed Brain Teaser Will Really Stump You

Figuring Out the Answer to This Batman-Themed Brain Teaser Requires You to Move Your Phone

Riddlemethis, the same Instagram riddle account that has brought us head-scratching boat mysteries and mind-boggling PIN puzzles, is back with a Batman-themed one that's so hard, it's honestly a joker̶.

A bit of brainpower is needed for this puzzle, which features the famous Batmobile attempting to maneuver around a parking lot. You have to figure out what the number of the parking spot he's trying to get into is with only the numbers of the spots next to him to go on. Our advice? Don't overthink it, because your first guess is most likely the right one. Oh, and one little hint: rotate your phone a little. To find the answer, check out the caption of this post.

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