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Essential Items For On the Go

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In order to balance a packed schedule, you've gotta get strategic. We've partnered with Bioré to curate six products that will help busy girls stay looking and feeling so good, they'll practically be glowing.

There's a misconception that having a hectic schedule means you have to sacrifice your look. You picture yourself rushing out the door in the morning — hair pulled back in a ponytail, coffee and croissant in hand, applying concealer on your commute. And after work, you're frantically trying to fix your lipstick and spritz on a hint of perfume before heading to happy hour and then dinner. It doesn't have to be this way.

Adjusting how you select which products to use is key — from identifying the best options for your specific needs to predicting and preparing for potential beauty-mergencies before they happen. Whether you need to fix smudged mascara or remove all your makeup without a sink, want to give your hair an instant refresh, or are experiencing a mild fashion crisis, we have just what you need ahead. By equipping yourself with these six products, you'll be prepared to look and feel your best around the clock — regardless of what your schedule throws at you.