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Nighttime Routine For Better Sleep

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Source: Clarins

The right pre-bed routine will do wonders for your beauty sleep. We've partnered with My Clarins to bring you the best practices and new My Clarins skincare products that can help send you off to dreamland.

Beauty sleep: you can probably live with hearing about it less, but you definitely can't live without it. From increased brain function and improved immune health to a glowing complexion, we'll spare you the reminders about what a solid seven hours (at least) of sleep every night can do for you. But what if we told you that getting a good night's rest doesn't start when your head hits the pillow? It actually starts much earlier.

The steps you take leading up to those treasured hours of shut-eye play a huge role in determining the quality of your sleep once you get in bed. That's why a well-rounded routine to help you wind down is imperative. We're sharing easy but important ways to set yourself up for success throughout the night and into the following day, from creating the ideal bedroom environment to indulging in a calming evening skincare routine.

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