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Autumn Outfit Idea

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Very

Shopping has never been this easy or exciting. We've partnered with Very to bring you the stylish pieces you'll want to buy and the convenient shopping service you'll want to experience.

If we could sum up the perfect Autumn outfit, it'd be something easy and versatile, on-trend but not overly trendy, with touches of texture. Sounds simple enough to put together in theory, but when everyone is releasing new items and collections for Autumn, it's hard narrowing down your shopping cart — we want everything! All that said, we think we did it; we found the perfect Autumn outfit.

Ahead, discover the head-to-toe look that checks off all the boxes. What's more, all the pieces are from Very, a convenient one-stop shop that makes your shopping experience virtually seamless. You really have no excuse not to make this entire outfit yours.