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Best Fashion Pieces to Buy For Spring 2019

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Spring trends are here and ready for your wardrobe! But wait, are you missing something? We've partnered with Sloggi to show you why the brand's new EverFresh range of comfortable cotton undergarments are the perfect accompaniment to your stylish new pieces.

From the rise of a novelty print to the return of a retro shape, we love diving into new and noteworthy trends season after season. But, as we've come to learn, sometimes a trend is about more than just a singular item — it's also about the complementary pieces that go alongside it. Think about it: how many times have you purchased an exciting new piece only to realise you don't have the proper shoes or belt or bra to pair it with? A true style expert knows that in order to do a trend justice, you have to consider things like what to wear with it, over it, and yes, under it. To help you make the most of the buzziest upcoming trends, we're breaking down the ultimate duos to pick up this Spring. Call it efficient shopping or just smart planning, but buy these in pairs and we guarantee you'll conquer the season in style.