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Anastasia Kingsnorth's Branded vs Unbranded Food Video

This YouTube Blind Taste Test Says a Lot About Our Relationship With Food Brands

Many of us are looking for ways to cut back on our expenditures, and when it comes to the weekly shop, our reliance on big brand names can mean a bigger bill than is necessary when we get to the tills. Shows like the BBC's Eat Well For Less and Shop Well For Less have been testing the British public's dedication to branded products, showing us that there are ways to make savings at every level. Now YouTuber Anastasia Kingsnorth has taken on the challenge, roping in her mum for the ultimate branded vs. unbranded blind taste test.

The results of this challenge might surprise you. Firstly, because Anastasia and her mum approach the whole challenge in a pretty diplomatic fashion: they're not brand snobs. They know what they like, and they genuinely don't care if that's a 30 pence bargain or a £2.50 branded product. In the video, they try everything from cola to cookies, and they don't always have an easy time identifying the branded product, even when it's something they buy regularly. Of course, there are times when an established brand is instantly recognisable: they have no trouble identifying Cadbury's chocolate or Mr Kipling cakes. But the cola causes uproar, and they do note that in most cases, there's such little difference in taste that it really comes down to personal preference, especially when it comes to tortilla chips and peanut butter. The moral of the story? While there's no shame in knowing what you like, if you do want to cut back on spending, focusing on the taste rather than the packaging might just help you save a few quid.