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What's Your Travel Personality?

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We teamed up with IMODIUM® to help you make the most of your holiday travel, and not let diarrhoea slow you down.

Imodium® Instants contain loperamide hydrochloride. For acute diarrhoea and for medically diagnosed IBS diarrhoea. Always read the label.

We all have our preferences when it comes to how we spend our holidays — some can't get enough of days full of walking the city streets while others just want to laze in a beach hammock. If you're planning your next getaway but can't decide what type of trip to take, click through our handy quiz to nail down how you're really feeling about this year's holiday travel! Plus, you can take away some key tips for making the most of your trip, no matter where in the world you land.

What's Your Travel Persona?
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What's yourfavourite food toeat whiletravelling? Whatever I can packin my backpack. Anything at theplace with the bestpeople watching. Superfood bowls andgreen smoothies. Fresh seafood and afrozen Pina Colada. Something highlyInstagrammable. What is the one itemyou never travelwithout? A list of sights Iwant to see. SPF! My credit card. Hiking shoes. Yoga leggings. What's yourfavourite holidayactivity? Soaking up the sunon the beach. Becoming one withnature. Early morningmeditation. Taking in all thecultural landmarks. Getting pampered atthe spa. What is your idealaccommodation? A luxury five-starhotel. An AirBnB in thecity centre. A beach hut nearwater! A tent forstargazing. Anywhere with a yogashala. What’s yourfavourite season? Summertime all theway. Winter or Summer toski or camp. Spring or Autumn —perfect forsightseeing! I love them all! Spring, wheneverything’s inbloom.