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How to Prepare for Your First Daytime Date

Going On Your First Day-Date? You'll Want to Read These Handy Tips

We partnered with IMODIUM® to give you some handy hints on how not to let diarrhoea get in the way of your first daytime date.

OK, a date is nerve-wracking enough when you have sultry lighting, alcohol, and the “it’s-getting-late” excuse to help you out. So what about that first time you and your new crush decide to take things to the next level — i.e., the sunlight? Whether it’s going out for coffee, heading to a museum, or walking the dog around your city, a day date is a big deal, so it's understandable that you might feel a bit nervous. Hey, this is new territory!

To keep you calm, cool, and collected when in the throes of your daytime date, we've put together some handy tips, including what to do if those butterflies in your stomach turn out to be something less desirable — because the last thing you need to feel is that “where’s the nearest toilet?!” panic moment while on a romantic walk through the park.

Take a Deep Breath


Before you head out, do whatever it is you need to do to chill out. Maybe you listen to that playlist that always lifts your spirits and makes you want to dance around the house. Maybe you do a quick alternate-nostril breathing meditation exercise or try out a guided relaxation podcast. Maybe you go for a run or yoga class that gets your endorphins rolling. Maybe you call your bestie or mum to have a quick chat. Maybe it's as simple as swiping on your favourite oh-so-dewy highlighter that you know makes you look like a goddess.

However you prep, take some deep breaths and remember: this isn't life or death! You're going to be fine — you're going out with this person for a reason (and they're probably just as nervous as you are). Try and embrace the inevitable awkwardness that comes with a day-date, loosen up, and have a good time.

Have a Freshen-Up Kit On Hand


Even if you never have to use any of the things you've packed, just having them will give you such peace of mind, trust us. Think about what you might want middate and pack a little kit to keep in your bag. We'd suggest bringing along a mini hairbrush in case an unexpected burst of windiness starts up, some mints or gum for a post-coffee freshen-up (or if you're really ambitious, a travel-size toothbrush), and some softening lip balm or gloss so you're prepared for all kiss-uations!

And if you know nerves and anxiety (even the good kind of butterflies) can often cause some. . . things to start happening in your stomach, it's good to be prepared. Plus, coffee could turn into lunch, which turns into a walk, which turns into happy hour, which turns into dinner — a long time to be putting your best self forward! Enter: IMODIUM® Instants dissolvable tablets. If you're experiencing diarrhoea during your date, take just one dose (no water needed) to help provide relief in under one hour.

Have an Exit Strategy


Real talk: sometimes day dates (or dates in general) just need to end. You might be tired, have other plans, or just be over it. It always helps to have an exit strategy going in — hopefully you won't need it because the date is going so well! But there's nothing worse than trying to think of an excuse to leave at short notice. Nighttime dates provide the easy out of "I have an early start tomorrow," or "this was fun, but I've got to get going." Daytime is a little more tricky — it's hard to use "it's getting late" when the sun has yet to set.

Make sure you have something in mind to release yourself in case you need to — maybe you make later dinner plans with your girlfriends (that you can back out of if you're having a blast on the date), or need to get home to feed your dog/cat/fish/plant, or perhaps you need to do your meal prep for the week (a personal favourite of this editor). Just like the items in your bag, you may never have to use your prepared line — but nothing beats having it in your back pocket just in case.

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