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In today's world, most of us seek self-fulfilment by improving our health and well-being through a lens of betterment. Together with John Lewis, we're redrawing the traditional boundaries of wellness to help you prioritise better versions of yourself over unrealistic expectations and ideals.

With so many of us both working and living from our houses or flats, there's never been a more perfect time to truly make your home your own. And while taking control of your space feels empowering, transforming it into a calming sanctuary isn't just about aesthetics; it's about feeling at peace in your environment, prioritising your mental health, and learning to live intentionally.

Today, our homes are our everything: gym, office, cinema, you name it. And since we're spending more time than ever inside, it's important to transform your space into somewhere you actually want to be. But you don't need a home makeover to make it happen. Small, easy adjustments are all it takes to notice a big difference. The hacks ahead will help you refresh your home, leaving you feeling energised and comfortable.