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Billie Eilish "Bad Guy" Dance Video 2019
Billie Eilish
I've Watched This Billie Eilish "Bad Guy" Dance Routine 7 Times, and I'm Still in Complete Awe
by Brea Cubit
Alex Rodriguez on The Tonight Show 2019
Late Night Highlights
Alex Rodriguez Practiced His Proposal to J Lo With His Assistant to Get the Timing *Just* Right
by Karenna Meredith
The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Cher Lip Sync
Late Night Highlights
LOL! Watch Cher and Jimmy Fallon Lip-Sync to "Believe" as Sung by Strangers in a Karaoke Bar
by Chanel Vargas
Antoni Talks About Photo at Hockey Match Jimmy Kimmel Video
Queer Eye
Antoni Porowski on Third-Wheeling With Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson: “She’s Charming AF"
by Tori Crowther

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