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Disney Scrunchies at Epcot

These Disney Scrunchies Are Polarizing the Internet

Scrunchies are everywhere: the runway, music festivals, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's head. The '90s trend has even hit the most magical place of all: Disney's Epcot, duh. According to the Instagram scoop page Disney Food Blog, the theme park sells "hair clouds" that resemble the likes of Nemo, Dory, and Sully.

Predictably, people freaked out over such '90s fabulous cuteness. "I NEED all of these!" read one comment. One happy customer wrote, "I just got them and they look so cute on!!!"

However, this adorable look doesn't come without its critics. While some got superexcited about these nostalgic accessories, others were just plain creeped out. "No. So weird," one person wrote. Another made the comparison, "These look like dog toys that the dog already destroyed."

Even more were torn over their feelings of loving these scrunchies. "Wow, those are horrible but I still kind of want one," someone mused. "Is it bad that I kind of want the Sully one?" was written in another comment. And to that I answer, no, not at all!

Who knew scrunchies could drum up such controversy?

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