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Glossier Brown Instagram

Stop What You're Doing and Follow Glossier Brown, a Beauty Instagram For POC

In its three years of existence, Glossier has amassed a robust social media following and has practically become synonymous with its carefully curated often millennial-pink-hued Instagram feed. One such initiative is the Glossier rep program, where the brand selects spokespeople to promote its products and help customers decide what to buy. One rep, a grad student named Devin McGhee, took the gig a step further by creating Glossier Brown, an Instagram account dedicated to highlighting how the products look on people of colour.

As McGhee told Teen Vogue, the account was born out of her desire to help people of colour who want to research more about Glossier before they purchase products. McGhee kept fielding questions about the line through her own personal Instagram DMs, but finally decided to dedicate another separate page to celebrate how damn great Glossier looks on darker skin tones.

Each post shows a different woman wearing individual products such as the brand's Cloud Paint blush, Skin Tint foundation, and brand new Lidstar eye shadow. "Ultimately, I want the Glossier Brown Instagram page to be the go-to for women of colour interested in trying Glossier products or that are already obsessed with Glossier products," Devin told the site. "Like a picture. Comment. Say hi! We're all sisters here!"

The Instagram is definitely a feel-good, happy place, and it's easy to lose yourself in the gorgeous pictures McGhee posts and the positive comments fans leave. As she said, "Women are just happy that the space simply exists and they have another woman of colour to ask for suggestions. It truly makes me proud to have created that space for other women like myself. I love to see women commenting [on] the photos we repost, saying things like, 'YAAAASSSSSSS!' or 'Perfection!' We should always be rooting for each other that way. It costs absolutely nothing to pay another woman a compliment."

It's also free to follow Glossier Brown β€” which we bet you'll go do in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

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