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How to Keep Foundation Stains Off of Sunglasses

The Easy Trick That Keeps Foundation Stains Off of My White Sunglasses

Image Source: Unsplash / Riki Ramdani

As the great All-American Rejects once sang, everyone has a dirty little secret. Mine is not the fact that I've eaten microwavable mac and cheese for dinner three times this week, although that is true. Rather, I carry my secret shame in plain sight: no matter how hard I try to set my makeup, foundation always ends up on the nose rim of my sunglasses. To make matters worse, my preferred frames are white, which makes the beige streaks all the more apparent. Because of this, I always take my shades on and off as fast as possible, lest any of my more delicate, put-together coworkers see how I've tainted my once-pristine Le Specs.

The obvious solution to my very difficult situation would be to wear less makeup, but I refuse to let my sunglasses glam shame me. Using setting spray to keep my makeup on my face, and nowhere else, helps a lot too. But the friction from my glasses rubbing against my nose still picks up base stains. So what if I put the setting spray . . . on my glasses?

I experimented with a small sample bottle of Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Setting Spray (£10), mostly because that's what was stashed in my purse at the time. It took a little bit of finesse to get the nozzle just right so it sprayed on the nose rim, and not the glasses frames. Using a travel-size bottle might be best in this case, because you can then precisely spritz it on the area you want to keep stain-free. (The good news is that if you get a bit of setting spray on your actual frames, you can just wipe it off immediately and it won't f*ck up your glasses.)

And get this: it worked. I beat friction! Now, my white sunglasses are stain-free. Take that, science.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Alaina Demopoulos
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