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Parissa Brow Shaper Wax Strips | Review

This Hair Removal Product Has Restored My Faith in DIY Beauty

I know better than anyone that for the money you save on a DIY beauty routine, you certainly take a risk or two. I used to cut my own fringe, and I am by no means that kind of creative. I also thought I could go from brunette to icy blonde with one box dye. I hasten to add, I paid the price to correct these mistakes (understatement) in professional fees and the Facebook photos that still haunt me to this day.

Aside from a tame brunette box dye, reaching for the razor, and my skincare routine, I tend to leave hair removal and care to those trained in these fields, especially when it comes to my face. That was until I found myself avoiding washing day and playing around with a box of Parissa Brow Shaper Wax Strips (£9). The natural, resin-based wax strips come ready-to-use, and the simple process is like an idiot's guide to waxing: press on and zip off. Within minutes, I found myself with salon-perfect brows and the personal pride to match them. I continued my foray into becoming a hair-removal expert by whipping off my 'tache, something I had previously shaved off, inspired by my colleague Kirbie.

The experience was fuss, mess, and (mostly) pain-free, not to mention quick, easy, and cheap enough to justify the takeaway I had just ordered (buffalo mozzarella pizza and tiramisu, FYI). If you're tired of booking brow appointments and wasting your lunch hour being threaded, I'd definitely recommend this at-home approach.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Maria del Rio
Product Credit: Jill Stuart Dress, In God We Trust Earrings, Iconery Rings.
Parissa Brow Shaper Wax Strips | Review
Parissa Brow Shaper Wax Strips
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