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Shawn Mendes Butterfly Tattoo

Shawn Mendes Just Got a Butterfly Tattoo After a Fan Photoshopped It on His Arm

Shawn Mendes just got a large butterfly tattoo on his arm, and the story behind it is actually pretty crazy.

A fan of Mendes, Twitter user nasaruins, saw an illustration of a butterfly by tattoo artist, MacDreaper on Instagram, in which one of the creature's wings was made out of flowers. The fan then decided to Photoshop the butterfly onto Mendes's arm to make it look like a tattoo.

Mendes later saw the edited image and loved it so much, that he asked the fan on Twitter for the original design so he could really get it tattooed on his arm. The singer went to tattoo artist Livia Tsang to get officially inked and posted the images of the new tattoo on Instagram.

You can check out his new tattoo, the edited images, and the conversation between Mendes and the fan, ahead.

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