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Best Beauty Salves to Soothe Irritation From Face Mask

The 7 Best Beauty Salves to Help Soothe Face Mask Irritation

Farmacy Honey Saviour All-in-One Skin Repair Salve
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We get it: wearing a face mask isn't exactly ideal for sensitive or acne-prone skin, but it's essential if you want to keep yourself and those around you healthy. Oftentimes when masks are worn for long periods of time, the friction can cause breakouts or serious irritation. The-oh-so dreaded maskne is hard to avoid, especially when you're breathing and sweating into a mask all day (summer, we love you but it's too damn hot). Unfortunately, overwashing your face and attempting to dry it out to dodge pimples can do more harm than good. It can create flakes, bumps, and everything in between.

On the bright side, there are a handful of recommended products and practices to keep skin healthy even under a mask. After cleansing, experts suggest you use a lightweight moisturiser to hydrate your face. "Hyaluronic acid facial moisturisers can help," board-certified dermatologist Harold Lancer, MD, told POPSUGAR. And when that's not enough, "a triple antibacterial ointment like Neosporin can be applied, when necessary, to the affected area," said Dr. Lancer. If your skin is struggling with major irritation, applying a soothing beauty salve could be your saving grace.

Beauty salves are designed to hydrate and repair even the driest, most irritated skin. They get to work on everything from flaky spots to eczema to psoriasis. Not to mention, salves are also super versatile in the sense that they can be used to smooth flyaways, highlight the skin, or soothe sunburns. Because they're usually made with waxes and oils, they tend to be heavier and might feel semi-solid than your average moisturiser.

If your face is suffering from mask irritation, it's time to indulge your skin in a salve. Read ahead to see some of our favourites.

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