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Bow Nails Are the Latest Manicure to Trend

Bow Nails Are So Coquette-Coded

Bow Nails Are the Latest Manicure to Trend

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There is no better example of the symbiotic relationship between fashion and beauty than the bow nails trend. After being spotted at New York Fashion Week during the fall of 2023, bows blew up practically overnight. The accessory appeared on hairstyles, clothing, and even footwear in the months to follow, but they've recently been dominating the nail space.

"We saw bows all over the runway in the fall, like in the hairstyles that Lacy Redway did for the Christian Siriano show," celebrity nail artist and educator Julie Kandalec tells POPSUGAR. "They are a step up from the more simple balletcore trend from fall 2023, so this look was bound to follow." Ahead, Kandalec shares more about the bow nails trend and how to get the look.

About the Bow Nails Trend

As beauty trends move away from the "quiet" and "clean" aesthetics we saw over the last few years, the bow nail trend feels like a step in the direction of maximalism circa the mid 2010s. "It's the antithesis to quiet luxury, yet not quite as bold as some other looks, like cherry-red nails or liquid-molten chrome," Kandalec says. While they haven't quite reached the levels of kawaii or embo manicures, bow nails feel just as playful and are equally as versatile.

If you've come across the trend on social media, you may have seen versions with hand-drawn art or 3D bow charms, but some people have been taking it a step further, using real fabric to create different designs. However, despite the adorable result, Kandalec cautions against it. "I don't recommend using any exposed cloth materials, as you really can't wash your hands," she says. "If it's something that you want to do, that would be the perfect time to wear press-ons."

How to Get Bow Nails

To get the look, Kandalec recommends using the Kiss Bare but Better Press-On Nails (Β£9) as a base. Then, to keep things simple, opt for nail stickers or charms to create the bow nail art. "Pearl stickers or nail art tattoos are perfect to use for creating the look," she says. Still, if you are obsessed with the idea of real fabric bows, you can go to a local craft store or Amazon to get a thin ribbon or premade bow nail charms (Β£2) that can be applied with nail glue.

Bow Nail Ideas

If you're suddenly itching to get some bows on your fingertips, we don't blame you. Ahead, we've rounded up the best bow nails for you to use as inspiration for your next manicure appointment.

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