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Bridger Walker Getting Scar Treatment Following Dog Attack

After a Violent Dog Attack, This 6-Year-Old Hero's Story Just Got a Happier Ending

Back in July, a 6-year-old boy from Wyoming named Bridger Walker went viral after the story of how he saved his younger sister from a violent dog attack made its rounds on social media. After going viral, his story earned him some recognition from a few members of the Avengers cast — Chris Evans sent him a Captain America shield, Robert Downey Jr. gave him a shout-out on Instagram, and Tom Holland invited him to the set of the next Spider-Man movie — but this week his story got an even happier ending. As it was revealed by New York-based dermatologist Dhaval Bhanusali, MD, this week, Walker started treatment to help heal the scar left behind during the attack.

Walker's bite to the face ended up requiring him to have surgery and get stitches immediately after. "It's not every day you get to treat your hero," Dr. Bhanusali wrote on Instagram on Aug. 16. "This week, it was my great privilege to start scar treatments to help [Walker] get back his perfect smile. While the treatments may be intense, I know Bridger will do incredible."

The doctor shared the news in the caption of a photo that shows the two of them smiling next to each other as Walker holds his up own mini white coat that was likely given to him as a gift. He also used the caption to thank Walker's family who initially spread the news. "I can only imagine how overwhelming this may be," Dr. Bhanusali wrote. "The way you handled this, turning a negative into a positive and helping your story bring hope to millions is truly inspiring. I appreciate you letting me be a small part of this story."

We're excited to follow his journey to see the results.

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