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Camila Mendes's Black Nail Polish Colour

Camila Mendes's Latest Nail Polish Colour Is a Power Move, and It's So Fitting

Camila Mendes's Black Nail Polish Colour
Image Source: Getty / Joe Scarnici

On Riverdale, Camila Mendes plays Veronica Lodge, the headstrong and passionate daughter of the Lodge family who is often the first on the scene when a new mystery sweeps the town. In real life, Mendes is just as empowered in her projects (including her recent one with Secret deodourant), and while it is likely circumstantial, her latest nail polish just so happens to be this year's boldest colour.

Mendes debuted a glossy black nail polish painted on short nails. Since she wore the look at her recent press appearances, it's possible her nail polish choice was influenced by her Riverdale character's signature beauty look (one that Mendes previously told POPSUGAR stays consistent throughout the series), which includes a rotation of dark polishes.

"When you want to evoke power, black fits the bill — especially with a high-gloss finish," nail expert and brand founder Jin Soon Choi previously told POPSUGAR. "I predict growing popularity of black shades this Fall, bolstered by it being the ultimate gender-free nail polish shade. It's very hip and high fashion, so it works in any context in which you feel bold, confident, and in control."

Check out Mendes's latest nail polish colour ahead.

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