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Clean Skin Club Clean Towels Review With Photos

Are Face Towels Really Good For Acne? I Tested a Viral Set to Find Out

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I've never been particularly prone to breakouts, but that doesn't mean I'm immune to them. Over the past few months, I've found myself grappling with unexpected bouts, prompting me to take a proactive approach to preventing them. In turn, I've been making subtle adjustments to my daily routine, addressing those known to cause acne. I've been better about washing my pillowcases, more conscious about not touching my face, and clocking a solid eight hours of sleep per night. I also recently replaced my usual face towels with Clean Skin Club Clean Towels (£18), bio-based and biodegradable makeup-removing wipes that have exploded in popularity on social media since the brand's 2019 launch. (The hashtag #cleanskinclub alone has nearly 17 million views on TikTok.)

Ahead, I'll dive into my experience testing them, highlighting what sets them apart, what to consider before adding them to your virtual shopping cart, and more. Keep reading to learn more.

About Clean Skin Club's Clean Towels

  • Clean Skin Club's towels are multipurpose; you can use them to dry your face after cleansing, with a makeup remover to wipe off makeup, and more.
  • They're derived from the pulp of various trees and plants, which is why they're marketed as "bio-based."

What I Like About Clean Skin Club's Clean Towels

The main reason I love Clean Skin Club's Clean Towels is they are, by definition, a more hygienic alternative to using traditional face towels. "Even with regular washing, washcloths and towels are known to harbour bacteria through repeat use and moisture exposure," board-certified dermatologist Lauren Penzi, MD, tells POPSUGAR. Using them makes me feel more in control (rather than worrying about what bacteria are living on my facecloths). Whether it's a coincidence or backed by actual science, my breakouts have come to a halt since adding them to my routine (alongside the other measures I touched on earlier). And I'm not the only one reaping the benefits. Even before Clean Skin Club's Clean Towels appeared on my TikTok feed, a friend reached out to me, singing its praises. "They're probably the best thing I've ever purchased for my skin," she wrote via text, noting her acne-prone skin has broken out significantly less since purchasing them.

How to Use the Clean Skin Club's Clean Towels

Another thing I like about the Clean Skin Club towels is how big they are. (See the GIF below for reference.) They're so large that many shoppers cut them in half to maximise their use. Personally, I use the full thing and start by using it with a cleansing balm. I massage the balm into my skin, then wet half the towel to wipe away the product and any lingering makeup. Then, I often follow up with a water-based face cleanser for a double-cleanse and finish by using the dry half of the towel to pat my skin dry.

What to Consider Before Buying Clean Skin Club's Clean Towels

I think the most important thing to consider before buying Clean Skin Club's Clean Towels is whether you really need them. If your current routine is effective, I don't necessarily think you need to commit to the monthly subscription just for the sake of it. While they may not rank as high in importance as daily SPF, they do serve as a valuable reminder that the products we use in our skin care matter, and cleanliness is key.

However, if your current routine isn't doing it for you or you're seeking smart swaps like I was, Dr. Penzi considers them a "great option for patients with acne-prone skin." Their bacteria-resistant quality, coupled with a soft texture, minimises disruption to the skin barrier, retaining moisture and preventing unnecessary irritation, she explains.

If you're sold on Clean Skin Club's cleansing cloths, another thing to consider is whether you need the brand's Luxe Bamboo Storage Box (£38). It was created to give your towels a secure and clean home while making your countertop look more aesthetically pleasing. Although I haven't personally tried it, it appears to be a potentially more hygienic option compared to the original Clean Skin Club towel box, which can be challenging to fully shut.

And finally, it's worth noting that these towels may not be the most sustainable choice out there. Yes, they're biodegradable, but shipping waste adds up, too. Before making your purchase, I recommend exploring all available options on the market, including reusable muslin cloths. With a proper home, such as the mentioned bamboo box, alternatives might prove just as hygienic.

Where Are Clean Skin Club's Clean Towels Available?

Clean Skin Club's Clean Towels are available direct-to-consumer at the brand's website,, or on Amazon.


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Marisa Petrarca
Clean Skin Club Clean Towels
Clean Skin Club Clean Towels
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