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Curly Hair Tips From a Professional Hairstylist

The Best Styling Tips For Every Curl Type

Curly Hair Tips From a Professional Hairstylist

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Having curly hair is a different experience from any other hair type. Beyond the styles you can create, each curl and coil seemingly has a personality of its own, and regardless of what's been said in the past, even how you colour your curls requires special care. Still, as much fun as curly hair can be, it hasn't always been as celebrated as it is today, so it's not uncommon to hear someone say that they're not exactly sure how to care for their natural texture.

Like the rest of the hair-care space, there are curly-hair rules that you should abide by for optimal results. From knowing the best shampoo to use based on your hair's porosity, how to properly detangle, and even what towels can disrupt your curl pattern, these are often secrets that only a select few are privy to. Not to mention, the beauty commandments vary by curl type, too. Wavy hair is very different from coily textures.

Thankfully, the landscape has started to change with the rise of natural hair influencers and more curly-haired representation in the beauty industry. It's time for the veil of mystery to be completely lifted. That's why we've called in hair expert Eladia Lebron to create a beginner's guide to the best curly hair tips out there.

Ahead, she shares how to take care of each curly hair type and explains everything from how to apply conditioner properly to how to plop your curls — no curling iron required. To learn how to style your hair once and for all, keep scrolling to read all of the best curly hair tips and tricks.

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