Miley Cyrus's Shaggy New Mullet Haircut Screams Rock 'n' Roll, and I Kind of Love It

Billy Ray Cyrus may have made the mullet a hit in the '80s, but Miley Cyrus is bringing it back to the 21st century, and we're sort of in love with it. Who knew a mullet could look so good? In a photo shared to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Cyrus revealed her shaggy new punk hairstyle, and it screams rock 'n' roll chic.

"Miley wanted to go more punk, she wanted something edgy," said Cyrus's hairstylist Sally Hershberger. "We went with a modern mullet that she can wear sleek, but also wavy and messy." After snipping away at Cyrus's hair, Hershberger took a razor to the edges to add definition to the look, and it turned out so good, we're sure accidental mullet queen Billie Eilish would agree.