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The Crown Hair and Makeup Details

How "The Crown" Re-Created Princess Diana's Look

The Crown Hair and Makeup Details
Image Source: Netflix

"The Crown" returns to Netflix on 16 Nov. for its sixth and final season, focusing on the entirely new cast first introduced in season five. Moving into the 1990s, Princess Diana, who would be in her late 20s and early 30s at the time, is played by Elizabeth Debicki. Picking up where season five left off, the show depicts some key events in the royal family's history leading up to Princess Diana's death in the summer of 1997.

During a roundtable talk ahead of season five, Cate Hall, the series's hair and makeup department head, shares more details about what it was like to re-create some of the royals' most widely recognised moments — including how much pressure the people behind the scenes feel to get it right.

"It's a bloody long process that goes over months and months where you make these very incremental steps," Hall tells reporters. "You start commissioning things at the beginning and hoping you're making the right choices."

This new season five — just as the others before it — relies heavily on wigs to transform the modern-day actors into the iconic royal family from decades past. Hall explains that the wigs were reworked again and again and went through "awful phases" until they got them just right.

Keep reading to learn more details about Princess Diana's look the "The Crown."

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