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Best Woody Perfumes, According to Editors

12 Woody Perfumes Worth Trying, According to Editors

Best Woody Perfumes, According to Editors
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You know how they say accessories complete an outfit? Well, think of perfume as the invisible piece that can pull your entire look together. Fragrance can provide an entire biography about who you are as a person before you even utter a word. While some people find comfort in a signature scent, if you prefer to have a collection to choose from, you may notice yourself gravitating toward certain notes during particular seasons.

As the spring turns to summer, for example, your preferences may change from green florals to zesty citrus notes. When the colder months come around, you might gravitate toward the sweeter notes of a gourmand fragrance. Or if you're looking for warmth ahead of the season, you may find yourself seeking cozy reprieve in the form of a woody perfume.

Categorised by notes that come from trees, moss, resin, or roots, woody olfactives are typically indicated by scents like sandalwood, pine, oud, or even patchouli and are often paired with other musky or spicy accords to really enhance the profile. This means woody perfumes also span the spectrum of sillage, from subtler "skin scents" that you can only smell when you're close to someone to headier options that linger long after you walk away.

If you're on the hunt for a new bottle to add to your collection or just wanting to dip your toe in the category, there are plenty of decadent woody perfumes to choose from. POPSUGAR editors have sifted through countless options to find only the best of the best, so read ahead to find the one your vanity's been missing.

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