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Amy Adams Does Lip Flip Video With Jimmy Fallon

Amy Adams's "Lip Flip" With Jimmy Fallon Gets Really Weird When They Burst into Song

Amy Adams and Jimmy Fallon have created a skit that will make you laugh, then almost certainly give you nightmares. The Sharp Objects star was recently a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote the new HBO thriller, and things got really weird. Amy's no stranger to the show, so instead of Jimmy interviewing Amy this time, she decided that she would interview herself. How's that possible? They did a "lip flip" with chilling results.

The creepy lip flip meant that Adams could speak for Fallon and vice versa, and our favourite part is when they break into a song from Grease. The pair really can sing, but it's more than a little bit uncomfortable to watch them singing for one another, especially when the screen splits! Amy's not the first guest on the show to do a lip flip - Jennifer Aniston took part in a very memorable one when she was on the show, Sofia Vergara also took up the challenge. Whose was funnier? You'll have to watch yourself to find out.

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