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Chris Hemsworth With Quokka Animals in Australia March 2019

Chris Hemsworth Befriended a Furry Quokka, and the Video Is TOO Cute!

It may have taken him 35 years, but Chris Hemsworth finally checked an important to-do off his Australia bucket list: get a quokka selfie. The actor left his Byron Bay home and travelled to Australia's Western coast to visit Rottnest Island, a popular locale where quokkas predominantly reside and maintain their status as "the happiest animals on earth." The furry, pint-sized marsupials look like a cross between a groundhog and a wallaby, which yes, it's just as overwhelmingly adorable as you'd imagine.

Quokkas are always willing to ham it up for the cameras when humans — and Marvel superheros, apparently — approach. Knowing that, Chris and his wife, Elsa Pataky, got cosy with a particularly friendly one and snapped a few epic selfies. Chris even fed the tiny creature, using his mouth to give it a plant à la mama bird feeding one of its babies. Hah!

When the Aussie native shared an Instagram video of said feeding session, he captioned it, "Spent 3 weeks crawling around the dirt, studying the Quokkas movements, mimicking their language and eventually gained their trust and was accepted as one of them," he joked. Chris added, "I now go by the name Quokkachris." That has a nice ring to it! Perhaps the quokka is Thor's new sidekick?

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