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Jake Gyllenhaal on The Late Show Midterms Sketch Video

Jake Gyllenhaal Make a Surprise Appearance on the Late Show, and Tells Stephen Colbert to Put on Underwear

Jake Gyllenhaal made a surprise appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday, when he popped up in a election skit that paid homage to A Christmas Carol. In "'Twas The Night Before Election Day", Jake stands in for the young boy that Scrooge enlists to buy a goose in the original story. In this version, the not-so-young Jake ("I'm 37 years old") is less than enthusiastic about buying Colbert "the biggest midterms goose you can find". Instead, he's more worried about the view, explaining that, thanks Colbert's nightgown, he can see "all the election returns, and they're swinging left." See Jake endure the most wonderful time of the year in the video above, then (after you've voted, naturally) enjoy over 50 gorgeous pictures of him. You earned it.

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