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Jimmy Fallon Plays Jinx with Mindy Kaling and Andy Cohen

Jimmy Fallon Gets Seriously Competitive During a Game of Jinx With Andy Cohen and Mindy Kaling

What was no doubt meant to be a fun game for The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon turned into one of the loudest and most competitive celebrity battles we've seen in a while, as Jimmy Fallon and Andy Cohen battled Mindy Kaling and Tarik Trotter in a game of "jinx". The rules were simple: each pair just needed to say the same word as each other on a given topic. However, it clearly wasn't as easy as it looked, and watching Jimmy slowly get more and more furious at Andy is a sight to behold. Meanwhile, Mindy seems to have a strangely vintage vocabulary, which makes the job tough for Tarik too. Watch the game slowly descend into chaos now, just be warned, you might want to turn the sound down a bit!

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