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Jonas Brothers Interview on TRL June 2019 Video

This Adorable TRL Video Confirms Once and For All That Kevin Is the Coolest Jonas Brother

The Jonas Brothers appeared on TRL on Friday and answered a few questions that were inspired by tracks from their Happiness Begins album. In addition to revealing who is the biggest "sucker" of the group and who has changed the most in the last 10 years, Kevin, Joe, and Nick also discovered who is the truly the coolest brother. Before they even had a chance to answer the question, the fans in the audience began chanting Kevin's name. Aww! Let's just say, his reaction was so pure.

While Nick and Joe have always been positioned as the frontmen of the group, Kevin is clearly getting more love during their recent reunion. Aside from him being absolutely charming, both on stage and with his adorable family, the group's Chasing Happiness documentary showed a whole new side of the eldest brother. It looks like Kevin is finally getting his rightful chance to shine in the spotlight! See the rest of the cute video ahead.

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