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Map of Where British Celebrities Come From

Find Your Famous Neighbours on Our UK Map of the Stars

If you're familiar with the notion of growing up in the middle of nowhere, you're probably familiar with a "fun" fact you feel the need to throw into the mix when explaining that very area to outsiders who are clueless of the location. Perhaps it may be "Christian Bale went to a school in my area, that's right, the American psycho himself" or "a young Andrew Garfield grew up on my street," giving the originally unknown place instant credibility. We want to give you a hand with that. So we've researched and plotted where some of our all-time-favourite stars grew up so that you have a go-to source for hometown bragging rights. Not only this, but it allows us to see the star-studded celebs as real people, stripped from their top 40 hits and Hollywood sparkle, reminding us that, like us, they grew up working in cinemas and bakeries too. Some even grew up on remote farms in Welsh villages we couldn't pronounce if we tried — we're looking at you, Naomi Watts.

Think we've missed someone great who grew up in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? Let us know in the comments!

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