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Meghan Markle Interview With Craig Ferguson 2013

This Old Meghan Markle Interview Is Going Viral Because She Is SO DAMN Lovable

Before she was the Duchess of Sussex and got married in the ceremony seen across the world, Meghan Markle was a young Suits actress doing late-night interviews. In 2013, she appeared on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, and the interview recently resurfaced following her fabulous wedding to Prince Harry. Just seconds into the clip and we're instantly captivated by her grace and charm — it's no wonder Harry is so enamoured by her. Even then, she was meant to be royalty. Not only are we fascinated by Meghan when she talks about her education and working for the US Embassy, but the way she handles the host's awkward advances are worthy of an applause. Yep, check out the video above and prepare to cringe a little when Craig likens her to a "dolphin" with a "strangely hairless body."

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