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Octavia Spencer Wants to Rent Theater to Watch Black Panther

Real-Life Angel Octavia Spencer Offers Free Black Panther Screenings For Underserved Communities

Image Source: Getty / Matt Winkelmeyer

Octavia Spencer is known for always going above and beyond when it comes to helping others, but her latest act might just take the cake. On Wednesday, the actress announced on Instagram that she is thinking of buying out an entire cinema in Mississippi when Black Panther premieres on Feb. 16 to offer screenings to underserved communities. "I will be in MS when this movie opens," Octavia wrote. "I think I will buy out a theatre in an underserved community there to ensure that all our brown children can see themselves as a superhero. I will let you know where and when Mississippi. Stay tuned. #KingsAndQueensWillRise #blackpanthermovie."

This isn't the first time Octavia has done this. Back in 2017, she bought out a Baldwin Hills cinema to offer free screenings of her film Hidden Figures to low-income families in LA. Now if only there were more people like Octavia in the world.

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