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What Is Cardi B's Leg Tattoo?

Just Noticed Cardi B's Massive Leg Tattoo? Here It Is in Its Full Glory

What Is Cardi B's Leg Tattoo?
Image Source: Getty

If you thought you caught a little tail feather during Cardi B's insanely fun American Music Awards performance, you're not wrong! The singer has a number of tattoos (which she often shows off on her Instagram page), but one that isn't always visible is the gorgeous thigh ink that only makes its appearance when Cardi B dons shorts or something with a sky-high slit. But what exactly is inked on the new mom's thigh? The massive red-and-blue tattoo is a peacock that stretches from Cardi B's right hip all the way down to her knee. Check out the gallery for a closer look at this bold piece (or just check out the totally NSFW Instagram photo from Cardi B herself).

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