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Astrology Reveals Tinashe's Future Love Horoscope

Astrology Reveals What Scares Tinashe, Danger at Home

It's not every day that you meet someone who knows everything about you just by looking at one piece of paper. We sat Tinashe down with astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo, armed only with a super-size snapshot of the singer-songwriter's astrological chart.

Each character trait mentioned continued to ring "very true." It was only when presented with weird questions about her home and career that Tinashe leaned into all the personal activity that Lanyadoo literally put on the table.

Watch above to see if T's sexy music videos reflect her intimate nature and if she isn't the only one that can "see the future." After you do, be sure to catch the deluxe version of "333," out now.

If this is making you curious about your own horoscope, you can always read what's in store for your zodiac sign in 2022.

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