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Watch This Dance Video Set to Billie Eilish's "I Love You"

This Gripping Choreography Set to Billie Eilish's Most Heartbreaking Song Made Me Teary-Eyed

Billie Eilish's songs are known to strike a balance between being hauntingly candid and heartbreakingly vulnerable. Choreographer Galen Hooks recently channelled those emotions into a dance video set to the singer's "I Love You." The chill-inducing choreography largely consists of minute movements with one big emotional outburst. If the video seems cinematic, that's because Galen was using this particular choreography to teach her students about working with a camera. "The theme of this class was marrying acting with dancing," she said on Youtube. "Specifically, working on the skill of performing for a camera with choreographed camera movement."

Because they all deserve a proper shoutout, the dancers who appear in the video — in addition to Galen herself — include Antavius Ellison, Jojo Gomez, Adriano Bettinelli Quello Vero, Reshma Gajjar, Billy Sawyer, Hannah Pink, and Michel Sian. Watch the gripping dance video above.

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