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Christopher Meloni Wishes Mariska Hargitay Happy Birthday

Christopher Meloni Shares a Creative Birthday Video for Mariska Hargitay

Mariska Hargitay received lots of well wishes on her 59th birthday, but none of them were quite as... unique as her birthday message from former "Law & Order: SVU" costar Christopher Meloni. The longtime costars have a special friendship — one that has been sustaining Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler shippers for years — that shines through in Meloni's wonderfully weird birthday video for his pal.

On Jan. 23, Meloni posted a video to his Instagram that looks like something out of a found footage horror film. In the clip, he holds his phone so close to his face that only his eyes and the top of his head are visible. "Marsha, are you there?" he whispers after a few seconds of silence. "Do you know what today is? I do. Happy...!" he says just as the camera cuts out.

The "Law & Order: Organised Crime" star captioned his birthday video masterpiece, "Celebrate it Marsha." And no, he's not typing Marsha by mistake. During a 2022 interview on "Late Night With Seth Meyers," Hargitay revealed that Marsha is one of the many nicknames that Meloni has for her. "Oh, Marshmelon," Hargitay said when asked to explain the cute hashtag she and her costar often use on Instagram. "Chris calls me Marsha sometimes. One of the many names."

While Hargitay hasn't commented on Meloni's birthday message to her just yet, she did reshare his video in her Instagram Story alongside the far more conventional (but still sweet) posts from her other friends. Meanwhile, the Olivia Benson actor celebrated her birthday with an equally unusual post on her Instagram, illustrating why she and Meloni have such an enduring friendship in the process.

Hargitay's birthday post for herself features a large cherub surrounded by books and a bevvy of blue balloons. She captioned the pic, "#Mood #It'sGonnaBeAGreatDay #ThingsAreLookingUp #Open-heartOpenMind."

It didn't take long for her comments to fill up with messages from her famous pals wishing her a happy birthday. "Law & Order: Organised Crime" star Danielle Moné Truitt wrote, "Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!!" Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan commented simply, "Happy Birthday 🎂🎊🎉!!!" And actor and singer Betty Buckley added, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEEAR MARISKA!! HAPPY BDAY TOOO YOOOUU!!?"

Still, when it comes to crafting a truly unforgettable birthday message no one can top Meloni's efforts.

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