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Flo's Stella with Harry Styles at the Brits 2023

Flo’s Stella Quaresma has a "Full Circle" Moment With Harry Styles at the 2023 Brits

It might seem like no biggie that Flo's Stella Quaresma posed for a photo with Harry Styles at the 2023 Brits. After all, it's an event they were both always planning to go to as UK music stars. But, for the Flo singer, it was a real "full circle" moment that every Styles fan dreams of. She posted the photo of them together at the Brits on the Flo Twitter feed next to a throwback photo of her younger self standing alongside a cardboard cut-out of the man himself, proving life really is full of pinch-me moments.

Let's be honest, Stella is all of us when she got a snap with the "As It Was" singer, so it's not surprising that fans were whipped into a frenzy. Many replied that they were "freaking out". Others claimed she's "just like me" and asked if she showed Styles the original. And, while being a member of the hottest R&B girl group might have something to do with it, over-the-moon fans are certain it all comes down to manifesting.

After Flo won the Brits Rising Star Award, making them the first-ever group to do so, it's not surprising that they're en route to becoming household names, and already being compared to the likes of Destiny's Child and the Sugababes. And now that we know that Stella is an OG Styles stan, there's no doubt she's going to be a firm favourite in everyone's book.

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