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Normani Would Approve of This "Motivation" Dance Video

It Doesn't Get Much Sexier Than This Dance Choreography Set to Normani's "Motivation"

My upcoming weekend plans, you ask? Attempting to memorise this high-energy dance routine set to Normani's "Motivation" (keyword: attempting). Millennium Dance Complex instructor Hamilton Evans is responsible for the slick choreography, which combines sexy and slow movements with high-energy booty pops and sassy hair flips galore. Do I have the coordination to look as good as these dancers while breakin' it down? Absolutely not. But am I going to try my darnedest to channel my inner Normani and slay every single step? Abso-freakin'-lutely. Watch the dance video above, and if you're still craving more booty shakin', check out Hamilton's choreography for Lizzo's "Tempo" next.

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