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Not Over It Podcast Episode 4

Not Over It: Why We Can't Stop Watching Grey's Anatomy

GREY'S ANATOMY, (from left): Patrick Demsey, Ellen Pompeo, 'Love Turns You Upside Down', (Season 9, ep. 908, aired Dec. 6, 2012), 2005-. photo: Ron Tom / ABC / courtesy Everett Collection

The year was 2005. George W. Bush was president, we listened to music on iPods, and Netflix was still a DVD-rental-by-mail service. It was also the year that marked the beginning of an era in primetime television: the premiere of Grey's Anatomy. On this episode of our podcast,Not Over It, we're revisiting some of the show's most iconic moments (for better or for worse), storylines we still can't get over, and the show's most heart-wrenching character departures. Join us as we try to remember all 17 seasons of ups, downs, and close encounters in the lift at the hospital formerly known as Seattle Grace.

Image Source: Everett Collection
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