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Queer Eye Hosts Share Life-Changing Advice on Jimmy Fallon

Queer Eye's Fab 5 Each Share Their a Go-To Piece of Life-Changing Advice

The five hosts of Netflix's Queer Eye sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday to discuss everything from their new season, Tan France's new status as an American citizen, and the current Black Lives Matter movement happening across the country. And amidst explaining exactly why the new season (which launched last week) is perfectly timed, they also each shared one piece of life-changing advice. Unsurprisingly, their advice is spot-on and straddles the line between self-care, and making change in the world — as is their M.O.. Keep on reading to find out their top pieces of life advice.

Karamo Brown

Of course, Karamo (aka, the show's culture expert) kicked off the life advice with a simple message: "You have to focus on yourself first, and it's not selfish because if you can't lift yourself up, then you can't lift anyone else up."

Tan France

Tan's advice is also in keeping with his title as Queer Eye's fashion extraordinaire: "Don't think that the way you present yourself to the world isn't important, and also, the way you look at yourself isn't important. Be kinder to yourself." He admits that, of course, we all have parts of our body that we're not 100 percent happy with, but it isn't useful to focus on these, or beat ourselves up over them. "Know that when you present yourself to the world, that is a reflection on you, and you have to make an effort," Tan said.

Bobby Berk

Bobby's message was one to the LGBTQ+ community, but also the wider population, particularly in the context of the Black Lives Matter movement: the importance of visibility. "Allowing the world to be able to put themselves in a position of somebody else, and to see through the eyes of somebody that's different to them," he said, is so important. "It's opening people's eyes to see that there are people out there who struggle every single day because of the colour of their skin, and that's not okay. [People think] it didn't affect me, I didn't think of it before, but now that I'm seeing it, it does, and I'm going to get out there . . . to do everything I can to change it."

Antoni Porowski

Antoni joked that his top tip is to microwave a lemon for five seconds before you squeeze it to get a lot more juice out of it (and blew Karamo's mind in the process). But his real piece life advice is for people to become educated on how to feed themselves and cook for other people, but he explains that it applies to every part of life. "If you don't understand the systemic racism in this country . . . educate yourself."

Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan's advice was two-fold. First, he explained that it took 1600 hours to get his hair licence, "so before you go in to do kitchen beautician at home, and do at-home hair colour, or an at-home haircut," think about that. Jonathan says, that if you're experiencing job loss or insecurity of finances, "you don't want to be going back to the salon to get corrective colour . . . when you're trying make really important changes in America that need to be happening."

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