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Tan France's Double Date With Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis

Tan France's Double Date With the Styling Hollywood Stars Is a Mashup My Heart Needed

If you haven't had a chance to watch Netflix's Styling Hollywood, perhaps Tan and Rob France's recent double date with Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis will give you that extra nudge. Jason and Adair have been married since 2012, and their show centres around their careers as celebrity stylists and interior designers (Remember The Rachel Zoe Project? It's sort of like that). Given that Tan stars on Queer Eye, Netflix set up the two couples on a fun group date, where they talked about everything from their careers to their relationships.

One of the cutest parts of their outing was when Jason asked everyone to share something sweet about their significant others, and Tan said he loves how Rob always tells him how much he loves him. "It's really sweet. I feel very lucky," Tan gushed. "After 11 years, I still love him this much . . . more than ever." Aw!

Tan first met Rob on a dating website over a decade ago, and they're clearly still crazy about each other. Prepare to "ooh" and "ahh" and watch the cute video above!

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