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Beyoncé Song Lyric Quiz

Calling the Beyhive! How Well Do You Know Beyoncé's Lyrics?

Image source: Getty / Kevin Mazur

There are many Beyoncé enthusiasts who claim to be part of the beyhive, but Beyoncé fan or not, almost any pop culture guru can recite a song or two from the singer, and probably even give a tidbit on Becky with the good hair. Beyoncé's life is no secret, but a true beyhiver not only knows her history, but also every song beyond her hit singles. Don't get me wrong, "Single Ladies" is a jam and "Formation" may play in your car on repeat, but can you decipher the singer's lyrics from another musician's catchy tunes? It takes a true Beyoncé fan to know the artist's lyrics through and through — is that Beyoncé fan you? Test your knowledge and find out!