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Brightburn Trailer

BrightBurn's Trailer Introduces a Supervillain Origin Story With a Horrifying Twist

Imagine, for a moment, that Superman didn't grow up to be the kind, self-sacrificing superhero that we all know and love. What if, instead, he put on his red cape and a creepy as f*ck mask and began using his unusual, superhuman abilities for evil? Like murdering unsuspecting diner waitresses and truckers, perhaps? That's essentially the plot for James Gunn's upcoming horror movie Brightburn, and we have to say that we're intrigued.

The film stars Elizabeth Banks as a woman who seems to get a gift straight from god when a baby from another planet crash-lands on her farm. Unfortunately as the years go by and her adopted son grows up, his true nature proves to be far more sinister than she or her husband (David Denman) ever could have imagined. What's worse? No one alive seems to be able to match his power. If that sounds sufficiently creepy enough for you, watch the trailer above before it hits theatres on Memorial Day 2019.

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