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David Attenborough Narrating Love Island 2019 Video

Love Island Narrated by David Attenborough Has Hilariously Won the Internet

Have you ever wondered what Love Island would be like if David Attenborough was narrating? Say no more, because we got you. Wednesday's episode of Good Morning Britain was an absolute treat when their brilliant editors shared a David Attenborough voice-over of Love Island.

Attenborough is beloved for his soothing voice and calming, yet insightful nature documentaries. Just imagine a kitsch episode of Love Island framed as one of those documentaries. That's what you'll see in this hilarious spoof.

They focused on the heartbreakingly difficult moment when Danny was forced to choose between Yewande and Arabella. They also pulled some winning bits of Maura cussing out Tom, and Amy teaching the girls (Amber, Molly-Mae, and Maura) how to do the sexy flight attendant dance routine. Great choices in our book.

The Love Island spoof starts off with Attenborough voice clips that have been edited to refer to the islanders as wild animals in the heat of mating season. Not too far off, really. From Tom's advances being rejected by the female (Maura) but, undeterred, he approached her again and appeased her with a grooming technique (by brushing and braiding Maura's hair).

Then, over at the watering hole (pool), females of the heard (Amy, Amber, Molly-Mae, and Maura) engage in a darwinistic struggle to attract a mate (sexy flight attendant dance). Suddenly, there's an unexpected noise (they got a text). After sundown, the group gathers at the pit of fire (bonfire), for a ritualistic recoupling. A male (Danny) has changed mate, resulting in a spurned female being ostracised. It is what it is.

Check out the video above for some extra good vibes on your sunny Thursday.

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