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Pink's "Walk Me Home" Song
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Jennifer Lopez in the "Te Bote 2" Music Video

Don't Get It Twisted — Jennifer Lopez Is About Her Business in the "Te Bote 2" Video

Jennifer Lopez doesn't have time for her exes to get in the way of her career. Nope, she's focussed on her success and "staying relevant" as she sings in "Te Bote 2" — the newest remix of Nio Garcia and Casper Magico's hit "Te Boté." Donning a pair of sunglasses, a pulled back updo, and an all-white ensemble with "NO" embellished on the front, Jennifer looks completely unfazed by a man's attempt to get her back in the accompanying music video. Whoever this guy is, doesn't he know Jennifer is happy with her beau Alex Rodriguez and is thriving all on her own? Ugh, someone please remind this mystery man who she is. Jennifer, take it away.

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