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Marrowbone Trailer

The Disturbing Trailer For Marrowbone Will Instantly Fill You With Dread

Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton has teamed up with certified horror movie queen Anya Taylor-Joy for Marrowbone, an upcoming thriller directed by The Orphanage scribe Sergio G. Sánchez, that promises to scare your pants straight off. The trailer for the atmospheric chiller, above, might seem like your standard haunted house fare at first, but it's clear that something far more sinister is at play here.

Marrowbone follows four mildly creepy siblings who seek refuge in a full-on creepy old home after their mother's death, but they soon realize they're not the only ones living there. Between the rotting yarn dolls, creaky floorboards, suffocating darkness, and the film's creepy tagline ("Nothing, no one ever, will separate us"), we're already hooked. Sánchez's directorial debut arrives in theaters, on demand, on Amazon, and iTunes on April 13.

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