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Midsommar Movie Trailer

Make Room For New Nightmares! Hereditary's Director Is Back With Another Horror Film

Ari Aster is giving viewers a year to get over the effects of 2018's twisted Hereditary. The director on the rise recently released the trailer for his forthcoming horror film Midsommar, which is about a couple's trip to Sweden during a nine-day midSummer festival that makes Fyre Festival look like the blast it was originally intended to be.

Based on the footage shown in the trailer, the festival seems quite idyllic! There are flower crowns, choreographed dances, traditional garments, and . . . OK, scratch that, there's an animal carcass and smeared blood on some sort of symbolic rock. Starring Jack Reynor, Florence Pugh, and Will Poulter, Midsommar will be hitting theatres Aug. 9, 2019. You have until then to rid your mind of Hereditary and make way for new nightmares.

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